This tutorial is to show you how to tie your pendants, with top loops ie., implosions, onto the
adjustable cords that you purchase in my store.  For beads, you can just thread the two tassel
ends through the hole and secure with an overhand knot.  If you decide to cut the ends close
to the knot you will need to finish the ends as stated in step 11 or use a touch of super glue or
nail polish in order to keep the knot from "un-doing" itself.
*You can click on the pictures below for a larger view.
1. Place necklace above pendant,
with tassel side down.  Thread
right tassel through hole in pendant.
2. Thread left tassel through hole in
pendant from the opposite direction.
3. Pull ends in opposite directions
to tighten the space between the
pendant and the necklace, leaving
1/4 - 1/3" of space.
4. Pass the, what is now the right
tassel, under the two center
threads and over the left tassel.
5. Pass the left thread over the
right tassel, center threads and
through the loop of the right tassel.
6. Pull tassels in opposite
directions to tighten first knot as
7. Pass the left tassel under the
center two threads and over the
right tassel.
Now  we are going to repeat the same
knot but starting with the left tassel.
8. Pass the right tassel over the left
tassel, the center threads and
through the loop of the left tassel.
9. Pull tassels in their respective
directions to tighten knot.
Repeat steps 4 - 8 until you have filled
the area between the pendant and the
knot on the necklace.
If at any time you forget which tassel is
the one you start with, it is the end that
is coming UP out of the knot.  In this
case the one on the right.
Finished product before trimming the
10. Trim the ends, leaving about 1/16".
11. Carefully hold the cut ends next to,
but NOT IN, the flame to melt the ends
back.  Wait a second or two, then with
your finger, use quick repeated taps to
the melted end to flatten against knot.
You're finished!
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