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Welcome to Hot Coles Glass!  My name is Heidi Coles and I'm a lampworker and
jewelry artist
.  My experience in art is quite diverse.  I found myself dabbling in
quite a few different mediums before I found my true!  With my
experience in water color painting, basketry, clay work, cake decorating, etc. I
believe it has given me a good understanding in the basics of composition, color and

I was first introduced to hot glass work around 1996, when I purchased a starter
kit.  At the time, my resources were so limited that I soon became frustrated with
certain problems I was encountering and gave up, packing away that kit for about 8
years and pursued other interests.  Again my interest was piqued when I had the
availability to resources through the internet.  Finally,  after gathering together
some much needed supplies and tools, I dug out that kit and have been hooked
ever since.

As with any art, this is truly a journey of continual learning and evolving as an
artist.  I am self taught but have gathered much knowledge from books and on such
forums as Wet Canvas.  Every day I see myself growing artistically and see my
skills improving.

Hope you enjoy!
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